Bridgett Robinson

VP of People & Culture

Time with Cady 6 months | starting position HR Director

Life before CADY

Before CADY I was an HR Business Partner for a franchise management company where I directly supported over 1,300 employees, from over 150+ locations across 6 states. Life was very busy and full of opportunities to grow and expand my skills and knowledge. The difference here at Cady is in the type of employee, as far as creatives versus tech.

My favorite CADY core value is Fanatically Passionate

I believe your passion drives your purpose. Meaning whatever energizes you (passion), can be the thing that you do that benefits others (purpose). I have had many different jobs in my life, but the common theme has always been my passion for wanting to see others succeed and to influence others to be better than they were yesterday.

"HR is a field that has so many different areas of focus, but the foundation is the people, and the goal is to help them be successful. It’s a natural fit for me."

Describe a day in your CADY life?

One of my specialties is to help build or overhaul a department. It’s my niche. I come in and champion new processes and procedures. So, in that way, each day is like a box of chocolates honestly, you never know what you're going to get. HR is a people department, it’s a place for people to feel comfortable going. If they don’t have this space and sense of trust, then they will eventually leave. So, every day is different, but the majority is spent strategizing how to get the people department to be better, faster, more accurate, and service-oriented. Our employees are our customers, and that's our number one goal is to service them.

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