Keith Royal

Learning & Development Manager

Time with Cady 7 months | starting position Customer Experience Supervisor

Why Cady

I would highly encourage anyone who is thinking about joining the Cady team to do so! Here, you are able to use your skills, your abilities, and knowledge anywhere in the organization. That's a big plus. One thing I love about Cady is that from day one, if you have the interest or experience for another position that is open within the organization, you're able to apply for it without going through a waiting period. That’s a big plus for personal and professional growth.

My favorite CADY core value is Celebrate Each Other

When people are celebrated, they feel good, they work harder and feel they are part of the organization, part of something bigger than themselves. In this way, celebrating others has a positive ripple effect: when you celebrate the employee it reflects on our customers and helps us provide that stellar Cady customer experience that we're all striving for.

"For anyone interested in joining Cady, now is the time to jump on this fast-moving train."

Favorite Cady Memory

So far, it's when our CEO, Josh Cady, comes to sit and talk with all of the new hires. My conversations with him are always great! He is very down-to-earth, and it feels more like a friend than an owner or boss talking to his employees. It is like he is saying ‘welcome to my house, make yourself at home.'

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