Kyle Jamar

Data Analyst

Time with Cady 2 1/2 years | starting position Account

Life before Cady

I was a lost puppy looking for a home after college. I had a job that paid the bills, but nothing to be excited about. I'm now a data analyst. So I came in originally as an accountant for Cady and then had a conversation with our CEO, Josh, and told him I was interested in data as a career. He was really cool about it and just let me pave my own path. There was nobody in the company that was doing it at the time, and it was definitely like a needed thing. We're a very data-driven company in general. So I kind of just took it upon myself to learn the software, then CADY paid for me to take a data science class at Georgia Tech.

My favorite Cady core value is Small Details Are Huge

Everything our CEO does is the biggest, baddest thing you've ever seen. And it's incredibly he's willing to spend that capital just for his employees to celebrate the year together. So that's the higher-flying point of this value for me.

"Cady is willing to celebrate their people and that is truly special."

Why Cady

I think the Cady culture is very conducive to being yourself. Everything about Cady allows me to be individual. I like that I am trusted to do what I do.

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