Nicolas Fernandez

Shift Manager

Time with Cady 3.5 Years | starting position Photographer

When did you know you were a photographer?

Art has also been meaningful to me my whole life, but my first approach to photography was when I was a little kid, four or five years old. Our family went on vacation to Columbia, and my father gave me his field camera. I was obsessed with taking photos for the entire trip. But it wasn’t until about five years ago when I actually started thinking about my future, and I wasn’t sure what to do. My father pulled out all those photos and showed those pictures and I just knew.

My favorite CADY core value is … “Inspire Creativity”

As a Lead Photographer it’s my job to inspire people to improve their photography on the inside and outside of Cady. I have always tried to convey my ideas and creativity to my colleagues and inspire them to apply their own approach within their art. To be brave. I believe it’s my job to guide other photographers to be their best – it’s my job to lead and inspire.

"It’s not a title – it’s a responsibility. Lead photographers need to help everyone else grow. "

Do you have a studio session that stands out to you most?

Yes, I had a student who lost her mother, and the mother had booked the session, so it was very emotional. You can see the emotion in the photos. I believe part of my job as an elite photographer is to get to know people and how those photos can reflect that aspect of the personality or the situation. CADY not only lets me step up my career, it also allows me to grow my photography skills and my inner self.

What's your next step in or outside of CADY?

I'm not sure what the future has for me. I try to be in the present and focus on the things that are in front of me.

Ad-lib- Finish this sentence: A picture is worth a thousand “feelings”

It’s all about the feelings behind the photos.

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