The CADY Story

One Company. 20 Years Of Service. Thousands of Smiles.

We remember the faces. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve shown our dedication to the countless students, schools, and communities who have shared their milestone moments with us.

As a third-generation family-owned-and-operated company, CADY launched onto the scene in 1986, then called Cady and Cady. Known then as a small, one-man school fundraising and yearbook territory, our company grew to become the largest yearbook territory in North America. But there was still more to be done.

Michael Cady, the founder of CADY and Josh Cady, his son and now acting CEO, recognized a need for the same level of service from a photography vendor. In 1999, CADY was born. We opened our first studio in the North Florida Market. Now CADY has studios in multiple states and counting including: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. In 2015, we launched CADY Culture, an initiative to bring professional quality graphics and branding to schools.

Our mission is to inspire and be inspired every day. Cultivating passion into potential is part of our daily journey. We are consistently growing and constantly innovating to break boundaries, to bring a fresh approach to a market long overdue for drastic change. We’re not like any school photography and branding company that you’ve seen before.

Cady Core Values

Fanatically Passionate • Inspire Creativity • Celebrate Each Other • Be A Hero • Small Details Are Huge

Company Values Statement

We CADY’s values extend beyond a photo lens. We’re known for excellence in photography, but we’re loved because we put people at the center of our business. We’ve earned the reputation of being the premiere photography company. We keep that reputation by how we treat our team, our schools, and our seniors. It takes all of us. We cultivate passion to unleash the potential in each and every human spirit that touches our business. Since our beginnings as a family-owned photography business, our message has stayed the same: To redefine school portraits.