Scholastic Journalism Education

The curriculum program by CADY provides a world-class education in photography training for high school students and their advisers. Led by a veteran educator, our approach to education goes above and beyond to bring 21st-century learning to the classroom. CADY breathes new life into training in the classroom with exclusive presentations and an array of hands-on activities.



Adviser support is critical for a successful program. We transform our studios to provide a day of learning and connection for advisers during our Adviser Day Away events.

Some of our past events include:
• Grapevine Adviser’s Day Away Spring 2022
• Miramar Adviser’s Day Away Fall 2022
• Austin Adviser’s Day Away Spring 2023
• Houston Cohort 2022-2023


We aim to recognize, celebrate and educate students while also providing opportunities for their future. CADY curriculum teaches students the basic of photography and gives them additional information needed to excel in the field. From camera settings to portrait orientation to achieving depth within an image, this curriculum will ensure students launch their yearbook photography from a high school level to a professional grade.


We believe in the power of scholastic journalism and commit to helping schools reach their goals. From increasing yearbook sales to competing for state or national awards, we provide classroom training and resources to help yearbook programs thrive. CADY schools claimed 16 Pacemaker and Crown nominations in the 2022-2023 school year.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what real yearbook advisers think about our programs.

“Loved the speaker. AMAZING! Sam was a great speaker with some ideas that I would like to try. Loved the workbook.”
– Jennifer Bass, Saginaw HS

Meet The Team

Director of Education & Curriculum

Samantha is passionate about journalism education and helping students find courage in creativity. She channeled this passion into leading students to create award-winning publications during her 12-year career as a journalism teacher. When she’s not inspiring the next generation of creative minds, she enjoys reading books, attending brunch, traveling and trying every coffee shop she comes across.

Samantha’s students have earned multiple Crown and Pacemaker awards in addition to many local, state and national individual awards. She has been recognized by state and national organizations as a TAJE Pathfinder, JEA Rising Star and ILPC Edith Fox King Award winner.

Education Ambassador

More than 4,000 students can agree that Lori Oglesbee is a true advocate and scholastic journalism legend. For more than 30 years, Lori taught high school students the art of reporting fairly, creative design and photographing with courage. Her publications won CSPA Crowns, NSPA Pacemakers, ILPC Gold Stars and Texas UIL Championships including many individual awards for students. Oglesbee was Texas Journalism Teacher of the Year in 2005 and the Journalism Education Association National Yearbook Adviser of the Year in 2009. Her accomplishments include the TAJE Trailblazer, NSPA Pioneer, and JEA Lifetime Achievement awards. In her spare time, she cans jams and relishes and crochets blankets.


The CADY Difference


Bisa Hall
Fulshear High School

“This year, I stepped way outside of my comfort zone to become a journalism adviser. It was awesome and overwhelming at the same time; at times it felt like I had made a mistake in taking the position. But, the CADY cohort for new advisers showed up and gave me the resources and support I needed to make it through! Thanks to the cohort, I now feel like being an adviser is a wonderful fit for me. Now, I know that I have what it takes to build something truly wonderful (and unique for me) at my school.”

Emily Schulte
Cy Woods High School

“Being a part of the CADY Cohort has provided me with a like-minded community of people who truly understand the chaos and culture that comes with being a journalism adviser. Getting to come together a few times a year to share resources and ideas has been the most helpful and informative form of PD I’ve ever done. It’s a judgment-free zone to seek advice and solve problems together as the school year progresses. In all, the cohort really has been like chicken noodle soup for my overcaffeinated and anxious soul. ”

Shelby Nickells
Rouse High School

“We have LOVED working with CADY this year! The amount of help and support we have received from our rep Jena Weber is outstanding. She has come to help the students with yearbook pages as well as teach lessons on photography. The portraits have helped elevate the look of our book as well and we are so excited to continue to work with CADY!”

Jessica Stokes
West Orange High School

“When I initially met with staff from CADY I was immediately drawn to how interested they were in helping me to build my program. They didn’t come in acting as if they knew everything, or if they had all the answers. Instead, they listened, offered advice when I asked questions, and called in other experts when they didn’t know the answers. I can truly see the impact of what even just a few sessions with Sam has done for my students’ magazine over the course of the year. For us, CADY has been more than just photos, they have helped to really build up our programs.”