Abigail Miller

Fort Myers High School

Throughout high school, I have learned to become more confident within myself, and I have gained the ability to ignore the thoughts and comments of the outside world. Self-confidence is something that I and many other teenage girls have had a battle with due to the insanely unrealistic beauty standards that social media has put on us. As a senior this year, it was only fitting to have my ‘senior photoshoot,’ and I am so grateful that I chose to have these pictures taken at CADY.

I was worried that my hair or makeup wouldn’t look good or I wouldn’t like my outfit and my once-in-a-lifetime senior photos would be ruined; CADY made sure that wasn’t the case. When I showed up to the studio, all the employees were helpful with what outfit should go with what scene, how to pose, and ensured I was comfortable and confident. They walked me through each scene and hyped me up after each photo was taken. I wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable taking pictures in front of many people, but it wasn’t my favorite thing. After a few pictures were taken, this instantly changed. I wanted to continue taking pictures and I didn’t want the shoot to be over. When my photoshoot was done, I left the studio with high hopes that for once, I would truly love the pictures that were taken of me.

About a week later, I received the pictures and they brought my mom and me to tears; we loved them. Receiving the photos back made everything ‘come to life;’ the fact that I am graduating this year became even more realistic than it was before. With this realization hitting me, I have pushed myself to give this school year everything I have since this is my last year in high school.

I believe that everyone needs to experience a photoshoot with CADY. Not only did the pictures turn out absolutely beautiful, but I learned how to genuinely love myself for me and not what the media wants me to be. I agreed to let CADY use my session photos as examples to put on their website in hopes that someone who was like me, unconfident, would realize that taking pictures isn’t that bad and that it actually goes so much better than planned. I believe that self-confidence and self-love go a long way in life and truly affect every decision you make. I hope that any person who takes photos at CADY leaves feeling the same way I did.

I hope that any person who takes photos at CADY leaves feeling the same way I did.