Bradley De Carvalho

Boca Raton Community High School

1. What was your first impression when you walked into the studio? 
“I thought the studio was an exciting place to be, with the staff dedicated to making it a special experience for all of us.”

2. How was your experience with the photographer(s)?
“The staff at Cady were great and made the experience very special. The photographers went out of their way to ask what type of pictures I was looking for and also made suggestions on scenes and poses that were a good fit for me.”

3. What was your favorite part of your Senior Session?
“My favorite part of the session was going from scene to scene to capture different looks and poses.”

4. What did you think of your photos when you saw them?
“I was very happy with the photos and excited to share them with my family!“

5. Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Cady?
“My Cady session made me consider the sacrifices students have made through these difficult times, and we all need to take some time to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements.”

We all need to take some time to acknowledge and celebrate our achievements.

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