Donovan Miller

Luella High School

Photography and Visual Arts have always been a big part of my life, serving me with an outlet for self-expression and personal growth. The day I entered CADY for my senior pictures, seeing all of the sets, I knew photography was something I wanted to be a part of and pursue as my career. I plan to attend college at Full Sail University or Savannah College of Art & Design. I am drawn to CADY’s mission to make a memory for every graduating senior, and I believe that this scholarship will play a crucial role in helping me pursue my visual endeavors.

One of the aspects that sets CADY apart for me is its emphasis on memories and the use of the best technology in the creation of visual content. Throughout my academic journey, I have actively sought opportunities to expand my technical skills in various software and tools relevant to the field of visual arts. From Adobe Creative Suite to 3D modeling applications, I have demonstrated a commitment to staying current with industry trends and continuously refining my craft.

At the beginning of my junior year, I was elected to be the very first Film Club president for my school, I was recognized for my outstanding work on my short films and photo work for the school. Being president is fun, but comes with responsibilities. Now in my senior year, the work of the club has gone around the school and we have a huge amount of interest. I now lead over thirty students just for film club alone. We, and the Black Student Union of Luella are currently working on a “Black Is Beautiful” project for Black History Month of 2024. When I took my senior pictures at CADY, the exposure set gave me the idea for this project. We are now doing a recreation of the exposure set at my high school for this project alone!

One day I would like to work with CADY on a project revolving around a high school senior. Receiving the CADY Scholarship would not only alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education in the visual arts but would also provide me with the resources and support needed to fully realize my creative potential. I am confident that the skills and insights gained through this scholarship will not only benefit my personal and artistic growth but will also contribute to the positive impact I aspire to make through my visual art.

I am drawn to CADY’s mission to make a memory for every graduating senior.