Jahaila Wright

Olympic High School

Senior Year! Growing up I always have thought about senior portraits more than I’ve thought about senior year itself. The day finally came that I had been looking forward to since elementary school. It was time for me to take my senior portraits. I brought my mom who has been with me every step of the way since I was a child to watch me take my senior portraits because if it was not for her I would have never gotten through my high school years. I knew when I came to CADY I wanted to wait until the very end to take my yearbook photos and my cap and gown pictures because I knew I was not ready to put on my cap and gown and feel the sense of growing up. Well, that was not the way it happened. The amazing photographer who took my senior pictures actually recommended that I take them first to get them over with. Which I agreed with because I knew he knew what was best.

First was my yearbook photos with the black velvet draped on my chest with the most beautiful pearls around my neck, Growin up my mom always told me “Pretty girls wear pearls” and I believed it because my mom only wears pearls and I believe she is the prettiest women I know so when I put the pearls around my neck I felt like so pretty just like my mom. Once I finished my yearbook photos my cap and gown pictures were next and I knew I was not ready for all the emotions I was going to feel once I put on the red cap, red gown, and light blue tassel. My mom was there to help me get picture ready and to assist with putting on my cap and gown. As my mom zipped up my gown I felt a knot get stuck in my throat. I knew I could not cry because I’d mess up my makeup but once I felt the red gown on my skin I knew I had finally made it. I made my mom proud which has been my goal from the very beginning. I wanted to make her proud because she gave me everything and more and I knew I wanted to see her happy and proud of me.

This school year has been emotional for me and my mother. We have finally come to realize that in 11 months I’ll be leaving my best friend and I will be entering the real world by myself. I will forever thank her for giving me the best advice and raising me to be the best version of myself. I also would like to thank CADY for capturing this emotional time and representing all the hard work and dedication in one picture

I want to thank CADY for capturing this emotional time and representing all the hard work and dedication in one picture.