Johnathan McClenny

Sandy Creek High School

When I scheduled my photo session location was very important for me. I wanted some of my photos to be taken on the beach. So I planned a short vacation at Jacksonville, Florida. My photographer was extremely dedicated to helping me get great photos at every scene, even driving up from a different studio to find us at the beach. They had the best attitude ever the entire time, which was a while because the session lasted almost all day. They were polite, enthusiastic, talented, and just and all-around fun person to be around.

My favorite scene would have to be either the vogue scene or the exposure scene. Some of my favorite and best-looking photos came from both of those scenes. When I was presented with my photos, I thought wow those look really great! Although, my reaction was nothing compared to my mom’s reaction. She ended up crying about almost every single photo, happy tears of course. Now almost every room in my house has at least one picture of me from my senior shoot.

I feel very happy that I can graduate with plenty of great pictures from my high school career that I can carry with me forever. After I graduate I am most excited about creating new memories. Memories I can have for the rest of my life. Memories to think back on to tell fun stories. Memories I can learn from. Maybe even memories Cady Studios can help me capture again in the future!

My photographer was extremely dedicated to helping me get great photos at every scene!

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