Mansi Patel

Luella High School

1. What was your first impression of the studio?
“From the minute I walked in the door, the atmosphere of the room was filled with nothing but enthusiasm and exhilaration.“

2. How was your experience with the photographer(s)?
“The photographers at Cady were just as excited to take my pictures as I was to pose for them. They consistently offered different ideas to enhance my photos and made them the best they could be. One photographer suggested I do a spin to get that mid-twirl shot and another prompted me to go more candid and natural. ”

3. What was your favorite scene and why?
“The cap and gown scene set my whole experience into stone. It was a surreal moment to have the cap on my head and the diploma in my hand, as if I was foreshadowing my graduation day. This scene represented how far I have come and my accomplishments throughout my entire educational career, earning its spot as one of my favorite scenes. ”

4. What was your favorite part of your Senior Session?
“My favorite part of my Senior Session would have to be wearing my Indian lehenga and taking the Runway scene photos in it. Even a Cady employee took notice of this and joined me at the scene. She cheered me on through praise and compliments, right beside my parents, making my smile grow bigger and bigger. The photographer also made sure to get the best shots from my time at the scene, turning on a fan to perfect the runway look and even getting an in-motion shot of me. They made my already wonderful experience into a memory I will never forget.

5. What did you think of your photos when you saw them?
“I thought my photos were amazing! They were exactly what I needed to see to make my senior year feel real. They perfectly captured my best self and made me so excited for what’s to come!“

6. Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Cady?
“My senior session made me realize the power of encouragement and genuinity, which are things I hope to forever spread in my everyday life. Thank you Cady for showcasing my true self, and a special thank you to the Cady employee who never stopped supporting me. I left the studio with the feeling that I could conquer anything!”

The photographers at Cady were just as excited to take my pictures as I was to pose for them!