Sarah Bell

Clark Advanced Learning Center

1. What was your first impression of the studio?
“As soon as I walked into the studio, I felt so much energy. The music was blasting and everyone greeted me enthusiastically.“

2. How was your experience with the photographer(s)?
“I brought my dog, Cali, with me. She is trained to do lots of tricks, like take a bow, twirl, and do chorus line kicks on command. (Yes, really!) All of the photographers had a fun time getting us both into different poses and capturing fun moments.”

3. What was your favorite scene and why?
“My favorite scene was the runway. I had the most fun with this scene because I felt like the white background really made my navy dress and Cali’s black hair pop. ”

4. What was your favorite part of your Senior Session?
“The fact that the staff was so welcoming towards my dog and were so enthusiastic that I didn’t even have the chance to feel self-conscious; I was just having fun.“

5. What did you think of your photos when you saw them?
“I really liked the photos that I got! The team at Cady did an amazing job and made it seem easy capturing sweet candid moments“

6. Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Cady?
“COVID-19 has taken so much from the classes of 2020 and 2021. None of us got prom and many other things we thought we would have. But, my senior pictures weren’t any different, and I felt like I still got to have a special “senior moment” at Cady. That meant a lot to me because not many of us have had those these past two school years. Huge thank you to the team at Delray Beach.“

From the moment I walked into Cady, I felt like the spotlight was on me and my pictures gave me a taste of the Senior year that I had always imagined