Sham Bazyany

Archer High School

1. How was your experience with the photographer(s)?
“My experience with the photographers was one of a kind as they knew my angles and how to make me feel like I was the star of the show. They took various amounts of pictures in different positions to get a vast variety. ”

2. What was your favorite scene and why?
“My favorite scene may have been the cap and gown just because it made me finally realize and see how far I had come and taken pride in all the years I had endured and who I had become.”

3. What was your favorite part of your Senior Session?
“Just how comfortable and confident the environment and people made me feel. Walking out in my traditional Kurdish dress made me nervous but through the gracious smiles and compliments my own smile grew.”

4. What did you think of your photos when you saw them?
“I was astonished when I first laid eyes on my senior photos. The way they captured all the beauties I never knew I had made me feel so good about them I couldn’t stop staring at them.“

5. Is there anything else you want to share about your experience with Cady?
“My senior session inspired me to share my culture with others with pride and teach others, specifically little ones that I encounter with my job, how crucial it is to refuse to allow others to step in your way.”

CADY has inspired me to share my culture with others with pride!