Taylor Kelly


After reading Taylor’s review of her awesome ELITE experience, we knew we wanted to feature her in our  Snapshot Stories. We ensure everyone has an amazing studio experience. You never know what others are going through personally, and we want their senior portraits to be amazing. Here at Cady, we love telling your stories.

We caught up with Taylor, a 2019 Senior to ask more about her studio experience.

1. How was your experience with the photographer?
“Olivia (my photographer) let me do my own thing, she didn’t have to pose me at all. She let me express myself the way I wanted to!”

2. Did your photographer do anything special to get the best photos of you?
“Olivia was super friendly and jumping around and really kept her engagement high and focused on me. She wasn’t just there to take a picture, she was there to bring out the inner me and show my personality.”

3. What was your favorite part of the day?
“The outside photos were so much fun, and the soccer photos, it is too hard to choose!”

4. What did you think of your photos when you saw them?
“They were amazing, it was such an experience. We were all tearing up on how beautiful they were. We bought the entire package, sent to all my family members. We were all shocked with how amazing they came out.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Taylor!

Taking the photos was the best time ever! I was tired when I first arrived at the studio, but then had so much energy with the studio experience. I am so happy I went with the ELITE Studio Experience vs the Road Shoot.